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+ + + Make efforts, but effortlessly. Struggle hard, but without struggle. Try, try and try again but without trying. (Lee Lozowick) + + +

Offers in my practice

Breath- und Bodypsychotherapy



Psychotherapeutic Breaththerapy
Astro-psychological consultation
Working conditions

Psychotherapeutic Breaththerapy
in single sessions

I offer body-psychotherapeutic single sessions in breaththerapy according to Professor Ilse Middendorf. At the beginning of the sessions will be a preparatory consultation in which the issues of the client and the possibilities of this work will be discussed in detail. After this preparatory consultation we agree on a 5-sessions trial period. When the trial period has been completed it is advised to discuss whether the work will be continued. Generally one session of 50 minutes once a week works well. Beside the normal, therapeutic consultation, there will be treatments with bodywork sitting on a stool, as well as standing and on the couch (dressed).

Astro-psychological consultation

In the first two-hour-consultation the whole personality structure of the client is addressed and explained in a holistic way, while the individual elements are made as experiential and comprehensible as possible. It is possible to tape the consultation. In further sessions the clients specific questions about

  • profession
  • relationship and partnership
  • specific decision issues
can be looked into.

Working conditions

Meetings can be cancelled up to 24 h before the appointment, later cancellations or failure to appear result in full payment of the session.Each session has to be paid for immediately after it is completed. After the decision to terminate the therapy at least 5 sessions still follow.

Valid from 01.10.2004:

Per session of 50 min.: Eur 90,- Private Health insurances sometimes refund HP psychotherapist treatments (check beforehand).
Astrological first consultation of 100 min.: Eur 150,- inclusive VAT and horoscope drawing.


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